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Chase Niceley - Founder


Equip was founded in 2023 by Chase Niceley. The idea of a human resources services firm had always been in the back of Chase’s mind, but the idea did not come to fruition until she was on leave from her job with her first child. Through networking and conversations with small business owners across the country Chase quickly realized there was a need for practical human resources solutions for an array of growing businesses.

Chase has personal experience with the creation of an HR department from the “ground up.” Having been blessed with the opportunity to create an HR function for a franchised full-service Marriott hotel, Chase understands from first-hand experience the realities of working with a multitude of stakeholders to establish a human resources infrastructure.

Chase is known for her passion for people, striving to do what is right and keeping integrity at the forefront of all her decisions and has translated these values into Equip. The Equip team understands the impact HR can have as a true resource for companies, and we look forward to helping you establish your function to improve the overall health of your organization.