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Equipping You With HR Solutions

Our goal is to equip (it’s in our name) businesses with HR solutions that fit their unique needs, culture and business model.

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Our Mission

To equip business owners with the support and processes to navigate their HR strategies with confidence.

Our Vision

Businesses of all sizes will be equipped with human resources processes to create consistent practices that cultivate a culture that drive business results.

Our Values

People– without people, a business could not function. We value the people that invest their time to help achieve a business’ goals (whether it be our business or yours).
Processes– in a business, emotions run high at times (especially with people). Having clear processes provide business owners clarity to navigate those situations.
Practice– consistency is key, especially in a business. When operators function with consistency, it creates a culture that their people can not only have confidence in, but also meets the expectations that others have in the business.

Services We Perform

Equipping Your Business with HR Solutions

Equip HR Solutions is passionate about three things: people, processes, and practice. We
believe that a business is only as strong as the processes in place behind their people, and the consistent practice that follows.

Process drives practice. Practice drives culture. And your culture is what drives your results.



C-Suite level HR support for a fraction of the cost. Equip offers your business a human resource function at a price that makes sense for your firm. Our fractional HR support is “scalable” that is suitable for your needs.


Whether it be annual compliance training, management retreats or leadership meetings we are equipped with the experience and expertise to provide your company’s trainings. We offer in-person and/or virtual options.

24/7 On-Call HR Support

We offer owners and operators an option to talk through their HR related items with a team of professionals- no commitment to us. If you have an employee relations issue that you would like to talk through, we are available.

Policy and Procedure Development

Having clear policies benefit more than just employees, it also benefits leaders by giving them a consistent practice to abide by. We work with leaders to help translate ideas into written policies.

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