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Want Consistent Performance?

Behavior is a constant. Action is fleeting.Behavior is predictable. Action is unpredictable.Behavior is an orientation. Action is a reaction. Want consistent performance? Encourage behavior with the three “R’s”: ✅RemindKeep the principle you’re seeking to achieve in the conversation consistently. ✅ReinforceSeek ways to bring the initiative into creative outlets within your organization. ✅RecognizeCall it out when […]

HR Professionals Vocabulary

There’s one word that should rarely be used in an HR professionals vocabulary… and that’s “can’t” And if you find yourself having to use it… it should be in the context of, “I can’t, but let me connect you with someone who can.”

Analysis Paralysis

Confronting Policy Hypocrisy in the Workplace

You’ve heard of “Analysis Paralysis,” but have you heard of “Policy Hypocrisy” in the workplace? Documentation is great… if in the right context.

Cut Some “Slack”

Digital workforces require innovative ways to communicate. One of the leading applications that organizations are turning to as a method of communicating is the application, “Slack”. Slack is a great tool. It is used within organizations, and outside of organizations. It is great for networking, fostering community and also great for quick instant messages, huddles […]

Improving Your Company’s HR Record-Keeping: Tips for Success

Poor record-keeping is a common problem that many companies face in their human resource management practices. The consequences of inadequate HR record-keeping can be significant, including legal and financial penalties, difficulty in tracking employee performance, and increased risk of disputes and conflicts. However, by adopting some best practices and tools, companies can ensure that they […]

Navigating Human Resource Issues in the Workplace: A Guide for Companies

Human resource issues are a common challenge that companies face, and they can have a significant impact on the success of a business. Some of the most common human resource issues that companies encounter include employee turnover, low morale, communication breakdowns, and conflicts between employees. These issues can cause disruptions to workflow, decrease productivity, and […]